We guarantee that all our beef is sourced from cattle from within the United Kingdom and as local as possible on a monthly basis from local markets and bought by a reputable supplier. Our company policy is to source  beef from local suppliers wherever possible. All our beef can be traced back to its farm of origin through our beef labelling scheme. Our Local beef is sourced from cattle which graze on our fine Dorset fields. In the winter months they are housed in dry conditions and fed on a natural diet. Our beef is hand selected by our supplier to ensure the beef meets our criteria, which is then brought back to our shop to hang for a minimum of 21 days. This helps to break down the muscle fibres which gives an incredible eating quality that all our customers have grown accustomed to - the Else Seal of Approval.


My family believe that the good old traditional Gloucester Old Spot pig tastes better than any other. Our pork is sweet and moist which produces the finest crackling with no extra work. We only select the youngest guild pigs to produce some of the finest pork around. Our Dorset farmers only use traditional rearing and animal husbandry.



Have you had enough of 'supermarket premium' tasteless wet bacon that shrinks to nothing and leaves you with a pan full of white muck?  Our bacon is made the old fashioned way for a delicious taste. We rub salt into the meat and let the muscles do the rest. Try it. you won't have tasted bacon like this for years.



Chickens have had a lot of unfair bad press recently.  We take a lot of time and care when selecting our chickens. They are all barn reared with an option of some free range, with the RSPCA stamp of approval for animal husbandry.  We are very proud of the chickens we sell, and guarantee they are British and they taste absolutely gorgeous!


Sausages are hand made by us on the premises daily to keep up with demand. We use a natural skin with our local pork and lightly season. We make 18 different types, including traditional plain pork, pork and apple and olde english.



We believe that our Dorset farmers produce the finest lamb in the country. Naturally our lamb is reared on farms near our shop where they roam free, grazing on the greenest grass.  Again, we only select young lambs that have spent their time in the beautiful Dorset countryside.